On this homepage you'll find some of my art pieces.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit in my little part of the virtual universe.

My aim is to inspire and get inspired by you!



The paint is made out of pigments that come alive when delicately united with water. I love the playfullness of the combination water & colour! Water is the source of life, colour is the joy of it! he



Drawing is a visual art that work with darkness and light. Drawing is the form where I find it easiest to express myself. Due to the fact of its simplicity, where less ise more and also because it's so quick...I do not have to wait for the paint to dry, I do nott need a lot of equipment, It's straight forward somehow. The drawings are always full of accumulated energy and emotions.

Oil & Acrylic


Oil painting is an ancient painting technique that dates back to 650AD, acrylic on the other side was first used in the 1950's. I enjoy oil and acrylic because of it's possibility to expressioning myself in a exaggerated, dramatic and baroque style.





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